Just looking for something I can fit in my truck and take fishing. Doesn't have to be nice, just functional.
Let's wake up the dead in Spirit! I feel called to go out to the poor and give them a cup of coffee, listen to their story, and share the Good News. So, I'm looking for a working electric coffee urn, with all the needed parts. You can be a blessing to many : ) Thank you and God bless
I'm looking for a 5 to 6 shelf bookcase for my bedroom to store all my pastoral study and counseling books. The max height is about 7 feet, and width 3-4 feet. Thank you and God bless.
Christian man wants to take care of his temple! I'm looking for a weight bench that can be used for flat bench, incline and legs, but anything you have would be a blessing. I can recover it if I have to. Also, I'll need to get the bars, weights, and dumbbells. I'm starting from scratch, so I'll take anything you don't want! Thank you and God bless
I need a piece of glass appropriate for a large coffee table. The minimum size I can use is 4 feet square. A little extra would be better. Any help will be appreciated.
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